Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Help! I Want Long Hair

Are you looking for some tips to grow long hair? Long tresses woo many hearts, but growing them may not be everyone's cup of tea. The length of your hair is genetically determined and much of it depends on the growth cycle of individual follicles and the shape and width of the hair shaft as well. Patience is the best struck deal when a person wants to grow their hair long. It is very important to treat your hair well and take the utmost care of it if you want to flaunt those long tresses as well.

To grow long hair fast you need to make sure your immune system is working optimally. So use hair vitamins like Biotin and prenatal pills. Exercise at least 30 minutes 3 times a week and eats lots of fruits and vegetables. Be sure to eat clean balanced foods, which means no fried, greasy, sugary, or other fattening foods. A healthy and balanced immune system usually means a healthy body and a healthy body equals healthy growing tresses.

To grow long hair fast, you must keep your hair and scalp moisturized. To begin with the right way to grow long hair is to make use of a natural oil. I can't emphasize this enough, a herbal oil is crucial because it is made up of the herbs required to improve healthy hair growth. You accomplish this by using a good herbal oil that contains herbs like Hibiscus and Aloe Vera. These herbs can increase the growth phase of hair growth signaficantly. Use it at least two to three times a week.

For long growing hair, you should follow a special regimen for hair care. You should firstly identify the hair type you have. Hair care differs significantly according to the hair type. Thus, dry and frizzy hair is harder to care for than smooth and silky hair. Dry and curly hair requires more moisture than oily hair. Once you have identified the type of your hair you will trim the damaged hair ends. Trimming is the most essential part in growing long hair. You should trim the hair regularly every 8 - 10 weeks to avoid split ends.

If you want to grow long hair fast, try a shampoo specially formulated to promote fast growing hair. If you have damaged, undernourished hair, an advanced shampoo can really help. The reason is fast hair growth shampoos contain lots of nutrients and proteins that can vitalize the hair follicles and help hair to grow long fast. However, one of the most common mistakes that people make is pulling their hair into a pile on top of their heads while shampooing. In order to avoid knots and tangles, it is best to apply the shampoo to the scalp then work down the length of the hair to get a clean wash. Application of a good conditioner can also help in this area.

Another way on how to grow long hair is avoiding too much hair styling. This can increase the risk of pulling the hair from the roots and it also promotes breakage. Examples of hair styling that should be avoided are straight iron, rollers, curling iron, and blow drying. If it is really necessary to dry the damp hair then one should not exceed five minutes of using a blow dryer. Another secret behind how to grow long hair fast and naturally is to only brush your hair while dry. Brushing when wet, namely after a shower, can easily lead to breaking. Instead, consider brushing your hair before you shower and afterwards. Simply detangle your hair with a wide toothed comb or your fingers and opt for a diffuser over a blow dryer, your hair will thank you. Avoiding tangles while trying to grow long hair is also important.

Indeed, there are so many ways on how to grow long hair fast. You can follow these tips to enjoy a better hair soon. You should not envy those people who were able to showcase their really long hair because you can do the same with a little perseverance on your part. Remember that taking care of your hair is not easy but it is feasible. So always remember to follow all the tips listed on this article because soon enough you will be proud of the results you get.


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