Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tips To Selecting Your Dream Perfume

There are so many different perfumes to choose from in stores; from celebrity, fashion designer and movie star fragrances, it is often difficult to choose which one to buy. Often we make the mistake of buying a celebrity fragrance just because we like their movies or music, but these perfumes are often marked up because of this very reason.

Aside from that, there are many different perfume smells to choose from, so ask yourself, do you prefer sweet, floral or musky smelling perfume?

Here are the factors to consider when you choose a perfume:

How much are you willing to spend?
There's no point looking at top of the range fragrances if they are not within your budget. Before you even enter the perfume boutique or department store, make up your mind as to how much you are prepared to spend, and stick with it. If you really like a perfume but can't afford the big bottle, go for the smaller bottle.

What smell are you looking for?
The smells we like will determine which fragrance we choose.
If you like sweet and spring like fragrances, choose a floral perfume with a woody or musky base.
Or if you're looking for something fresh, you will like citrusy, sea breeze or herb and floral type fragrances.
Oriental spices perfume is perfect for a date as it has a very romantic smell but is not too overpowering.

When will you be wearing it?
If you're looking for an everyday fragrance to wear to work, a light fresh perfume is your best option. If it's for a party or special occasion, best choose a stronger fragrance that will last longer.

Test the perfume out before buying
If you have no idea what type of fragrance you are looking for and are spraying virtually every one of them on you, your nose will become confused and they will all start smelling the same. This is a mistake many women make so rather test out perfumes by spraying them on a piece of cardboard provided in store. If you don't like it on the cardboard, move on the next perfume, if you do like it then test it out on your skin.

Remember that fragrances react and smell different on different people so what smells good on one person may not smell the same on you.

After you've applied the perfume to your wrist, let it settle for a few minutes before you make a decision.
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