Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter weight loss

Winter Weight Loss

Winter weight loss can seem like a daunting task, but all it takes is the same discipline applied in the summer months. It’s tempting in the winter to stop worrying about weight and fitness, because there are the holidays and cold weather to contend with, in addition to the fact the body is usually completely covered. Winter food can also be heavier and more fattening due to a lack of abundant fresh vegetables and fruits like the ones found during the summer. Instead, winter stews in gravy, chili, beef and creamy soups are eaten and the result is weight creeps up over the months.

You can maintain or lose weight in the winter just like you do in the summer. Winter weight loss requires the same health and fitness rules be applied. This includes eating a healthy diet, matching calories consumed with calories expended and getting plenty of exercise. There’s no reason to retreat to the kitchen or to stop exercising during the winter. There are plenty of ways to maintain an active lifestyle which includes walking and bike riding. You can also avoid the heavy carbohydrate loaded meals which are typical on winter menus and pack on the pounds.

Even if you put on some pounds during the winter, winter weight loss should become a priority as soon as you realize the weight has crept up on you. You don’t have to wait for the snow to melt or the air to warm up. You can begin an indoor exercise routine during the winter which can then be taken outdoors when Spring arrives. You should also create healthy balanced meals which focus on using winter vegetables and year round fruits instead of fats and carbohydrates. When it’s cold outside, turning to the refrigerator or unnecessary snacking out of boredom is too easy.

Winter weight loss is something most people face at some time in their life. Following a common sense diet and instituting a fitness plan can quickly melt the pounds.

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