Friday, January 13, 2012

Safe and Effective Hair Straightening

Everyone wants straight hair. The past couple of years have been very exciting in the Hair industry. The arrival of the Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening treatment has opened to doors to some innovative hair products. While the Brazilian Keratin Treatment was nothing short of amazing, there have been some major health risks released about extremely high levels of formaldehyde. Since the health risk release we have seen several alterative Brazilian Keratin Treatments. Most of them claiming to be free of Formaldehyde. Turns out that the majority of them have Formalin in them and when heated to 450 degrees (as you have to when performing a BKT) the Formalin turns into a formaldehyde gas. So let's talk about what is out there that is truly safe.

The first product is called Pravana Perfection. Pravana Perfection At Last. Breathe Easy. Your hair will be instantly transformed and smoothed to perfection. The Superb Shine will last for months! The Perfection SmoothOut? employs the most advanced technology to expertly restore hair to an incredibly healthy and gorgeous state beyond expectations. Perfections proprietary Nano-Amino Complex? miraculously suspends the internal texture memory of the hair to safely transform it to a new, soft and sensual look and feel. The Perfection SmoothOut? Solution has a low PH formula and contains no harsh chemicals, which makes it safe to use on all clients. This advanced formula poses no health risk actually improves the integrity of the hair. Why Stop at Great When You Can Have Perfection? This is a great product it works very well as a deep conditioner and will straighten your hair.

While meeting with my product rep this week I learned about a new straightening product from RedKen. This product gives you three choices. You can re-texture straight hair to have curls, you can straighten your hair perfectly stick straight, or you can tone down your curls/frizz without eliminating your curls and body. While the Pravana Perfection does not use chemicals the NEW REDKEN product does. However the technology in this product is amazing. Anyone who knows anything about perms or relaxers will tell you how harsh the chemicals are on their hair. The reason why perms and relaxers can often leave your hair feeling dry, unmanageable and damaged beyond words is because during the processing of the products the chemicals BREAK APART the bonds in your hair. The new products from RedKen use the advanced technology of STRETCHING the bonds. This new process does not break your bonds but rather stretched them just enough for the product to get in and penetrate the cuticle without damaging your hair. This is the most advanced hair straightening product on the market.

Both of these products are 100% safe and really work! For more information and to see before and after photos please visit

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