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Washing hair sensibly

Washing Hair Sensibly

Last year one of the English cosmetic companies made detailed research on 500 people. On the basis of this research there has been agreed the best way to wash one’s hair, at least according to the British taking part in the questionnaire. The most important is the temperature of water used for washing: it should be exactly 36.7°C.

Another important thing is to use the right amount of shampoo. People with short hair should not use more than 6ml of shampoo, whereas people with long hair should use no more than 10ml. Decide for yourself if you use these pieces of advice or not. We want to add a few of our own:

If you feel like, you may prepare the homemade herbal shampoo. Here’s the recipe: 2 spoonfuls of chopped soap-wort root mix with the same amount of nettle leaves and burdock root.Pour 2 glasses of boiling water on this.After half an hour take the herbs out and cool the liquid a bit more. This shampoo will clean your hair and scalp very well without drying them out.

While you wash your hair you may want to massage your scalp with round movements. Firstly massage the front part of your head, then both sides, then the top and finally the part above your neck at the back; take half a minute for every part. This stimulates the blood circulation and increases hair growth.

Always use cool water for the final rinsing which helps to close the hair shells and makes your hair shinier.Do not rub your hair with the towel. This destroys it. Instead wrap a towel around your head and squeeze it gently with your hands.

I know many recipes for lotions and hair masks, and whenever I have some time I use them. To make my hair shiny and soft I always add a teaspoon of vinegar or a nettle infusion for the last rinse. When I want to make my hair fairer I rub some lemon juice into my hair for a few months. It works!

This flower may also be used in cosmetology. In particular it is very popular in the Far East. Japanese women prepare lotion made from fresh petals: they pour them with mineral water and put his into a fridge. Then they use the liquid to wash their faces. This lotion helps to get rid of tiny wrinkles and hyper pigmentation.

Warning! Chrysanthemum may cause allergy.

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