Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lip Enhancement: Weigh the Pros and Cons of Fillers

Lip enhancement fillers are a great way to get fuller lips and the pros outweigh the cons. As long as it is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, the cons should not even come into play.

Aging causes you to lose volume in your face, including the lips. Sometimes genetics determines that you will have a thin and shapeless pucker. There are several injectable facial fillers on the market that can also be used to plump the pucker. So you know what to expect, here are the general pros and cons of these fillers:


Fast procedure/quick results-You can get lip enhancement injections on your lunch hour. It is a great option if you have a special occasion coming up and you want fuller lips for the event because the results are instantaneous.

Variety of options-There are several products made of different ingredients and different densities to choose from. You can choose what works and looks best on you.

Long-lasting results-On average, you should see the results from for six months. Some products last as long as a year. This means that you only have to go maybe once or twice a year for maintenance.

Supple lips-This is an obvious benefit and the whole point of the treatment. Full luscious lips are the result.

Safe-Most products are made with ingredients that, while synthetic, are not foreign to the body.

Substances like hyaluronic acid are naturally found in the body so the chance of allergic reaction is low. You can also use your own fat and completely eliminate the risk.

Not permanent-This is actually a pro and a con. On the positive side, if the end result is too full or unnatural looking, you know that it will gradually dissipate. You are not permanently stuck with weird fat lips. You've seen them, you know you have.


Not permanent-The downside is that you have to continue treatment to keep the results.

Risk of unnatural appearance-If you haven't been clear about the results you want or an unskilled person performs the injections, you can be left with asymmetrical or over-plumped ones.

Possible allergic reactions-Some products may use animal-based ingredients so, while natural, there is a chance of allergic reaction. The key is to know what is in the filler before it is put into your body.

All in all, the good outweighs the bad. Whether you have the lip enhancement procedure at a plastic surgeon's office or at a medical spa, make sure the plastic surgeon is board certified.

While the substances are safe, you still want someone with experience injecting you with these products. It is a delicate process where asymmetry or over-plumping can occur if an inexperienced physician does it. About Author

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