Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Skin Care: Some Tips For Teens Looking For Fabulous Skin

Teenagers' hormonal fluctuations call for increased attention to skin care. Here are some basic skin care tips.

Appropriate skin care for teens is important in minimizing the potential challenges brought on by changing bodies and fluctuating hormones. Increased oil production can also cause problems with both the hair and the skin. There are steps to take to keep the skin as lovely as possible.

An old adage which says that we are what we eat still holds true. Filling our body with healthy and nutritious food will go a long way in having a healthy and radiant glow. Not only will the skin benefit, but the weight and mood will respond positively, as well. The daily menu should consist of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grained breads, rice and pasta, lean proteins such as nuts, legumes, tofu, and lower fat meats in small portions.

There is nothing quite like water to cleanse yourself both internally and externally. Drinking adequate water keeps a body functioning properly. A well run body gets rid of toxins and impurities via perspiration and elimination. This is extremely important to a clear complexion. Washing the face with mild soaps and plenty of water is also quite important.

Sun protection should be utilized every day. Sun damage is cumulative and can cause wrinkles, sun spots and cancer to develop over the years. You should be protected with a high SPF broad spectrum sunscreen and hats. There are many trendy styles of sunhats on the market today that look great on teen girls and guys.

Wash the face twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Be careful not to scrub too hard, but rather use a gentle touch. Use a mild soap without a lot of chemical additives or perfumes. Touching your face can cause oil to be stimulated. Too much poking and prodding of your face can cause scarring and infection. So avoid from picking at or popping pimples.

Makeup should be hypoallergenic and as free from chemical additives as possible. No heavy, oil based makeup, please. It will clog pores and cause problems much more effectively than it will mask blemishes.

For more than the average case of blemishes and acne, consult a dermatologist. There are a multitude of products and techniques available through your local dermatologist's office that can alleviate acne and keep it from escalating into a full blown problem. There is an assortment of prescription medications available that can work wonders. There are also topical products that can be extremely helpful, as well. Treatments such as facials, microdermabrasion and pulsed light lasers have been shown to be very helpful also.

It's never too early to learn effective skin care techniques. Healthy habits established during the teen years will pay off for years to come. About Author

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