Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dealing with Unwanted Hair: Tips on How to Stop Hair from Growing

Unwanted hair can appear in undesirable places. You may notice stray hairs on your face, neck, chin, upper lip, and extra hairs on your abdomen, arms or even legs. Some people think it's easier to get rid of body hair than to stop it from growing, however this is simply not true. Figuring out how to get rid of hair can be a frustrating thing. But you are in luck! There are a variety of ways to remove unwanted hairs as well as stop those same hairs from growing back in or growing as fast as they did before.

Permanent hair removal is the best way to stop hair from growing. One of the most effective methods is laser treatment. The laser beams are pointed at the hair growing under the skin, weakening the roots and causing the hair to fall out. By attacking the root, the hair follicle dies and the hair usually does not return. This technique is accomplished by professionals skilled at laser hair removal and usually requires three to eight treatments, depending on the hair's strength. This method is ideal for treating large areas, like the legs, arms or back. Laser hair removal is more expensive than other techniques and is not recommended if your hair is lighter than the surrounding skin.

Another effective hair-removal procedure is electrolysis, also done by a trained professional. In this case, one hair is removed at a time, which is excellent for contained areas such as the eyebrows and upper lip. Electrolysis releases the hair out from the root using electronic beams and usually requires several sessions to ensure that the root is dead.

Permanent hair removal can also be done through radio frequency technology, whereby a cool wave is sent through the hair to the root, destroying its ability to grow. This method is good for use on the bikini line, underarms, face, and other delicate areas.

Electronic tweezers, called epilators, are another option, especially if you are looking for a good at-home treatment that you can do yourself. With this method, hair grows back lighter and thinner each time, with the hope that the root will ultimately weaken and die ceasing hair regrowth.

Other hair removal treatments include waxing, where the hair returns slowly and becomes thinner and weaker with each treatment; depilatories are creams used to dissolve the hair beneath the skin. Depilatory creams will not remove hair permanently, but they can have an effect for up to six weeks; and lastly, topical or oral prescription medications can be prescribed by a doctor depending on the underlying cause of your unwanted hair growth.

While all are effective, most hair treatments will have to be repeated a few times to become permanent or to slow hair growth. The treated hair will come back lighter and thinner in diameter and some are likely to be gone from the very first treatment.


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