Saturday, February 11, 2012

Knowing the 4 Primary Reasons of Skin Aging

By Danica Reynes

There are different causes behind skin aging and they are the following: aging caused by hormones, aging caused by environmental factors, aging caused by lifestyle factors and aging caused by genetic factors.

Aging is a natural process that everyone must eventually undergo. The skin's texture and appearance changes as we age. Keeping a youthful glow to your skin can be achieved by nourishing it with the help of products such as argan oil anti aging. You will also know what steps to take to delay aging once you know the causes behind it.

Aging caused by hormones

Dry and thin skin, unhealthy skin tone, loss of elasticity, breakouts and wrinkles are the common characteristics of hormonal aging. Hormone level changes are linked to hormonal aging. This particular type of aging can occur much earlier or later than expected, depending on hormones production and fluctuation. Aging due to hormones is usually linked to the pre-menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal stages of women.

Aging caused by environmental factors

Environmental aging is classified as an extrinsic aging process. In other words, it is not caused by internal processes in the body but by factors found in the external environment. These factors may include sun radiation and pollution. DNA can be damaged and the skin's natural ability to regenerate can be impaired due to the sun's radiation. Environmental aging usually occurs prematurely so it can happen to anyone regardless of age. The good thing, however, is that this type of aging can be avoided with proper skincare. This type of skin aging can be distinguished with wrinkles, brittle and dry skin, as well as hyper-pigmentation.

Aging caused by lifestyle factors

Premature aging is also brought by several lifestyle factors. As opposed to healthy skincare practices, poor health habits hasten skin aging. Cigarette smoking is one bad habit that have a negative effect on the skin. Studies show that when a person smokes, vitamin C in the body diminishes which causes the skin to become dry and wrinkled. Too much exposure to the sun is another bad habit that speeds up aging. As stated earlier, skin aging occurs prematurely when it is exposed to the sun more often than usual. When you plan to go under the sun, protect your skin from its damaging effects by applying sunscreen lotion with ample SPF. Skin aging can also be caused by other lifestyle factors such as lack of sleep, stress, too much alcohol intake and lack of exercise.

Genetic influence

Genetic aging is an inevitable skin aging process. Some of its key features are wrinkling, creasing and sagging of the skin. A person's genetic makeup determines this type of skin aging. For instance, your skin quality, type and how it ages may also be similar to your parent's skin, which you have inherited genetically. Elastin and collagen are skin proteins which are produced less as we go through the natural, genetically-determined aging process.

Though aging comes naturally and inevitably, you can still make your skin look great with lots of skin care remedies and routines you can do on your own.

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