Sunday, March 4, 2012

Beauty Tips You Should Live By

Who doesn’t embrace beauty tips that are healthy for face and skin? There are many ways to solve those recurring problem areas that are both simple and easy to do and knowing these tips could save you a load of money!

Your skin will look young and healthy if you take proper care of it. So your first beauty tip is a healthy diet, which will supply your body with all the vital nutrients and vitamins needed to keep it looking beautiful. Refined foods containing processed ingredients like bleached flour, sugar, and oils can increase annoying skin irritations. Go instead for plenty of fruits and vegetables for a healthier, fresher face. A diet rich in vitamin C and low in carbohydrate and fats is needed as well for keeping younger looking skin longer.

When you smoke, oxygen does not rich your skin properly leading to damage to your collagen and elastin level in the skin. When you bath, do no use hot water but use cool water as that will save your skin from drying out and use soaps that are made of natural moisturizing elements.

Also understanding what type of skin you have is important for face health, because there isn’t a single beauty supply product, or remedy that can solve an unknown problem. Decide whether your skin is oily, dry, sensitive, aged, or a combination to achieve the best results. If you have oily skin, avoid moisturizers that contain heavy oils, but avoid products that absorb oils even more.

Exfoliating can be extremely helpful when it comes to unclogging pores, but don’t over scrub because the skin can tear leaving it open to dirt and infection causing a perfect breeding ground for acne and other blemishes.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will ensure that your skin can remove harmful toxins at maximum efficiency. The experts recommend six to eight glasses per day, but certain natural teas, like green tea, can be a nice anti-oxidant alternative.

Sun damage can last a lifetime, but a simple sunscreen only takes moments to apply. Make sure to use a UV blocker made of natural ingredients, because certain products can be pretty harsh on delicate skin.

The last beauty tip for the skin and perhaps the most important is the power of sleep. There is real meaning behind “beauty sleep”. Our systems process most of our waste while we’re sleeping, which of course includes the skin. You’ll feel better and look better after a good night’s rest, so get some zzz’s (7-8 hours a night) and your skin will thank you.

To get that shiny and full hair you always wanted, do not wash your hair with hot water but rinse off with cold or cool water, which will seal the cuticles. That will add to the shine of the hair. Also do not shampoo the ends of the hair but only the roots. Trimming the hair ends regularly will prevent split end from happening. To stimulate the hair follicles and help in the growth of the hair, massage your scalp regularly as this will increase the circulation of blood to the area. The next hair care tip is using a wide toothed comb for detangling hair and also using natural boar-bristle brush. The latter one distributes the natural oils of your hair down its shaft while increasing your hair’s shine and strength.

The last group of beauty tips is on how to put on your makeup to perfection. With perfect makeup, you can enhance the natural beauty of your face. To provide a natural glow to your face mix a little bit of liquid highlighter to your foundation. To provide that airbrushed look to your face, use a light-reflective particle enriched powder. One of the most important beauty tips that you should follow is using a concealer to cover up dark circles under the eyes and broken capillaries around your nose.

To contour the face, add a concealer or foundation that is a shade darker than your natural skin color under your cheekbone, on the sides of your nose and under your chin. To make the eyes "pop", use white or black eyeliner on the inner rims of your eyes. To add structure to your entire face, use a natural-looking pencil, powder or gel to define your eyebrows. Lastly a great beauty tip is for opening up your eyes is to use highlighter under the brow bones as well as on the inner corners of your eyes


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