Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beauty Gift Basket Ideas for Teens

by Kim Snyder

Teenage girls are notoriously hard to buy gifts for. However, a beauty gift basket is sure to please any young lady. These baskets can be created for less than $20, making them an even more attractive choice. Consider the following beauty gift basket ideas for teens prior to putting together a basket of your own.

The age of the teen should be considered prior to making any purchases. Not all girls who are in their early teens are allowed to wear makeup, and those that are may only be allowed to wear certain shades and types. It is always a good idea to check with the parents before gifting makeup to a young teen. Popular and safe choices for young teens include lip gloss, lotions, light perfumes or body sprays, and bath products such as scented shower gels.

Each of the products mentioned above are inexpensive, and will work well for any age group.
However, there may be other options for older teens. Makeup kits and brushes make a fine addition to a gift basket. Again, it may be wise to steer clear of loud and dark colors. Shades of pink and rose are nice, as are a host of other light shades. Consider these shades if you wish to include nail polish as well.

Makeup removal and skin conditioning products are a great alternative to makeup.
The teen years can wreak havoc on skin, and gentle cleansers and non-greasy facial lotions may be much appreciated. Do not include specific acne fighting products unless the teen asks for them, as including these products could result in hurt feelings and damaged self-confidence.

Hair products such as scented shampoos and conditioners can also be included.
Hair brushes, combs, and other accessories rank highly among beauty gift basket ideas for teens because every girl needs them. Additionally, these products can be quite inexpensive, and will take up plenty of space within a gift basket.

There are plenty of smaller items that are both inexpensive and useful.
Nail files and nail care kits are one example. Lip balm, a small mirror, and small bottles of perfume can all easily be carried in a purse. For older teens, consider items that will be useful to them while they are out and about. Teen girls tend to live quite an active lifestyle, and will likely need to carry many of the items that you give them along with them as they go.

As a general guideline, always consider the age of the teen when filling the basket. So long as you do this, there should be no problem in giving this type of gift. There are literally hundreds of different options for filling beauty baskets. Building these baskets on your own is quite a lot of fun, and allows plenty for space for customization based on the age and personality of the teen. Sticking to a budget should be no problem, as these beauty gift basket ideas for teens are all available for a few dollars or less.

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