Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Organic Argan Oil Uses and History

by Kim Snyder

If you've been searching for a highly effective organic oil for your personal cosmetic use, you may have come across Argan Oil. Renowned for its many benefits, you may be interested to learn more about this exotic compound. What is it and where does it come from? What are Organic Argan Oil uses for skincare and haircare? Why is it so sought after? These are all excellent questions, which we will examine in more detail below.

The first question to answer is what precisely Argan Oil is, and where it is found. This rare oil is found only in Morrocco, where the Argan tree grows natively. It is one of the hardest to find oils in the world, due to the fact that the Argan tree only grows in a geographically small footprint. This area is the somewhat arid region above the Sahara desert, and the Argan tree helps keep the desert sands from encroaching further into Morocco. This tree is officially under the protection of UNESCO, due to the fact that its population is very small.

It is a hardy little tree, which requires little water or care. The rich oil comes from the kernels which the Argan tree produces, and these are pressed until the oil flows from them. Morocco has used this wonderful oil for centuries, having extracted the oil by hand in year past.

Now that you know what this rare oil is and where it comes from, you may be interested in how it is used. Organic Argan Oil uses include skincare and haircare, respectively. The reason it is excellent for these needs lies in its unique natural formulation. The oil has a tremendous amount of vitamin E, making for soft, smooth hair and skin when you apply it topically.
Other compounds which occur naturally in Argan Oil are various phenols and phenolic acid. Also, it holds many carotenes and essential fatty acids (EFA's) as well. These crucial items lower inflammation in the body, and also repair damaged cells in both your skin and you hair. Argan Oil is also very stable, and has a long shelf life. This allows it to be safely included in many cosmetic products without fear of it going bad.

Skincare is one of the primary Organic Argan Oil uses, and it is well known for its positive effects. It has been used as a balm to heal skin diseases throughout the long history of Morocco, in fact. Because of its unique properties, Argan Oil is included in many hydrating skin creams and lotions. This is due to its replenishing effect on the subcutaneous layer of the skin, and the free radical damage protection it provides for the surface. With its essential fatty acids, it gives skin a soft and supple texture as well.

For these same reasons, another of Organic Argan Oil uses is haircare. If you need to combat frizzy, frayed or dull hair, Argan Oil is the product to use. Its lipid structure will infuse your hair with new shine and bounce. Its ability to do so has made it very popular in many haircare products today, including shampoo and conditioner.

So, know you know a little more about where it comes from and Organic Argan Oil uses in today's cosmetic products. This superior oil is worth the price, as it will give new life to your skin and hair. So, why not try some today, and start seeing the results you desire?

Copyright 2012 Kim Snyder, owner Overall Beauty, creator of Overall Beauty Minerals, believer in all natural products for your hair and skin.


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